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Mar 19

Photos from #PSU_Lorax

A few weeks ago we kicked off Guayaki’s second event in the Park Blocks at PSU. The Lorax by Dr.Seuss is about a Lorax’s feeble attempt to save the Truffula trees. In the end, all the trees are cut off and one seed remains that is given to a child to regrow.

The Lorax and Guayaki strive for sustainability which is why Guayaki’s new product event incorporated itself with The Lorax and Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday! Plants, drinks, prizes, music, we had all of that.

Here are some photos that we took during the event.

Ending Winter Term!

Spring’s coming and so is the end of this term at FIR. Guayaki’s Lorax event went off without a hitch and today Gaufre Gourmet’s team is going out to visit hotels.

More to come soon!


Mar 02

Wisdom of the Lorax

This Friday (March 2) Guayaki and FIR Advertising will be in the Park Blocks behind the SMSU building celebrating Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday and the release of The Lorax. Stop by and try some Yerba Mate drinks, grab a plant, listen to some music and a few readings of The Lorax. Of course, there will be a few contests and giveaways as well so stop by!!!

Feb 28

Portland’s Breakfast Scene

Image from
(photo from Portland Monthly)

Portland Monthly published an article in their March issue mentioning the top breakfast restaurants in Portland. Most selections here look absolutely amazing. A lot of these restaurants are well known and therefore, have a hefty waiting line. For those that want a quick breakfast without the long wait, Gaufre Gourmet is the place to go. This food cart is located in downtown on SW 9th and Alder. Their selection varies from a simple liege waffle to artistic creations like the chunky monkey.

(photo courtesy of Gaufre Gourmet)

Gaufre Gourmet’s website:

Gaufre Gourmet’s menu on Facebook:

A link to Portland Monthly’s article:

Jan 31

Updates from the Office…

Congratulations to Abigail Elder for being awarded Tualatin’s Employee of the Year!

A lot has been happening since the previous post.

Last Friday the TLF team ventured to Tualatin Library. Over there we discovered that Tualatin Library is a very contemporary compared to Portland State’s Millar Library. Respectfully, since Millar Library is located on a university, a lot of their material is geared toward research.

Tualatin Library on the other hand is a whole different genre. Although their physical literary collection is small, a whole community thrives in the library even on a Friday afternoon. The library has spaces designed for children, teens, public story times and other events hosted by them and/or others in the community.

Technology in the library also caught our eyes. This library seems to run a hands-off system where library goers can check-out their own books and pick up any holds without a middle-person. Rather, the librarians here serve as an establishment managers and assistants.

We will be meeting with the TLF again this Thursday to discuss their upcoming fundraising event: Vine2Wine.

Also on a side-note:

We’d like to welcome Natalia Callejas and Paul Quiring to the FIR Advertising team! Congratulations!

Jan 17

Winter 2012 Interns

We’d like to present our new FIR members: Dan Carmody, Jen Fisher, Lindsay Hofer, David Keller, Derek Muller, Chris Sears and Anastasiya Uzhva!

Expect good service and vibes!


Expect updates to Team and Work page later this week!

Dec 07


Fall term is slowly winding down and our interviews have been very insightful.

Each member was encouraged to sit down during some interviews to get the feel of what it’s like to be on the other side of the table. I’ve sat down on a few and its a real eye opener. I’ve been able to answer interview questions with ease but asking questions to interviewees is…different. Tim leaded the interviews while we (the FIR members) shadowed for the most part. Following the main interviews, we were asked to tell our experiences in FIR along with ask any questions.

I did some browsing and I found that Portland State University had a page on what they think are useful tips to consider before an interview (for the interviewer).

Jump to the webpage

For interviewees of FIR and other future professions, internships, etc.

Here are some interview questions to help prepare for your next interview

Have a wonderful winter break everyone,


Nov 29

11/29 Agency Meeting

We went over a lot of information today. Patrick of Guayaki came over to discuss the event we will be hosting on the Park Blocks this Thursday at Portland State University. If you’re available during that time I’d highly encourage coming by and trying yerba mate out!

Nov 23

Wanna try something cool?

During Dead Week, Portland State University will be hosting the first ever Guayaki Event!!! Check the Park Blocks on December 1, 2011 from 9:00am-2:00pm. There will be games, giveaways, and just plain old fun to be had during the toughest week of the term.

Never had a Guayaki product before? No problem! Try one with us and tell us what you think of the product.

Guayaki is a company that distributes Fair Trade Yerba Mate. They are considered one of the top companies practicing sustainability.


What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate is made from a plant in the South American rainforest. The beverage is often compared to coffee and tea since it contains both caffeine and nutrients as well. It is considered the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil.

For more information, please check on their webpage!

Also, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more recent updates regarding this and other developments within our accounts.


Nov 18

What a good morning…

I was walking to work today using a different route when I found this jewel. Gaufre Gourmet has been cooking up waffles early in the morning. Their menu looks absolutely delicious, too bad I had to rush to work. Hopefully I can stop by next week and try one of their waffles.

They’re part of the food cart lot located at SW 9th and Alder. More specifically, their cart is in the back, towards where Magpie is.

Please note that their operating offers are different than what’s on their site. Their schedule is as follows:
M-F: 7:00am-3:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm

Check their website: Gaufre Gourmet

Try them out and tell us what you think.